Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Lil Blue Boo / Dharma Trading Design Challenge"

I designed this quilt using all hand dyed and tie-dyed fabrics.  I wanted a fun way for my nephew to learn his ABC's.  Using this quilt he can have a tactile experience while staying warm and learning the ABC's. I bought all of my cotton fabric and fiber reactive procion dyes from Dharma Trading Co. I used a variety of tie-dyed fabrics to make the letters and a separate hand dyed piece of cotton for the background.  I love all of the vibrant colors that you can get with the fiber reactive dyes, and how easy they are to use.  I was comfortable using the cotton dyed with the fiber reactive dyes for a baby because they become part of the fabric.  I don't have to worry about him getting unsafe chemicals if he decides to put the quilt into his mouth.  I am entering this piece into the "Lil Blue Boo / Dharma Trading Design Challenge".


Thursday, March 24, 2011


I have been working on my daughter's musical for a couple of months now.  This is show week.  It has been tiring, but fun.  We are doing Wizard of Oz.  I have had something to sew, hot glue, dye, or cut almost every day.  Next week I can get back to my art, which I have only been working on in small bits here and there.  I am committed to the success of the show, so I don't mind delaying my work for costume making.

These are a few of the costumes in the early stages.  I will have more pictures later.