Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer of Color (Orange)

I used a poem for my inspiration that I learned in an Asian Literature class I took in college.  I can't find the author, but here is the poem:

Red as wine
leaves fall
one by one in the autumn rain.

These fleeting dancers
quicken my heart
and tighten my throat.

Beauty never stays
but memories linger,
the leaves whisper to me.

When I dance my death
will that be beautiful too?

I have been thinking about autumn and all the joys that come with that season here in Michigan.  I used this to create my orange leaves atc.

 I used Shiva Paint Sticks to add color the the leaves on the top.  I want a hint of fall color to tone down the orange.  I dyed the fabric with my dye named soft orange, but it is a really vibrant orange in person.  

I also want to show a page in an altered book that I am working on slowly.  I was trying out some different art materials on these pages just to see how they worked.

Here is my daughter Katrina's art for the week.


helena said...

What a great quote your daughter picked.

Love the vibrancy of your leaves.

And how did I miss your purple last week - the fabric is divine

Mandy said...

Your piece is vibrant and my fav so far...I think!...they have all been so the colours and the contrast of the black stitching is so effective....and your daughters journal page...I loveà ! !...before I even read it I thought...harry potter...and then when I read the truly is one of the best...I love

Kristin said...

This is just beautiful! So bold and colorful and yes, perfectly reminiscent of fall. I love that you shared your journal page and adore the quote and image that Katrina created. You are a talented family ;) Thank you for sharing it all with us, xo

JessiVille said...

Oh what fun you and your daughter must have arting together! I love the shade of orange that you dyed your fabric for your act. It is so beautifully designed and created! Just lovely! I enjoyed seeing your journal page to. The poem you used for inspiration is wonderful and I really like the quote your daughter chose too! Thank you for sharing.
Jessi xox

Jenny said...

Love your gorgeous autumn piece Janelle... perfect for the color orange... your altered book is fab... beautiful artwork and Katrina's page is amazing... awesome quote and love the lamp post...

Jenny x

aquariann said...

Captivating poem and lovely fabric art! Katrina's drawing is wonderful, too. I just got to watch the final Harry Potter movie this weekend. :D

Liette alias Pixelle said...

it is simply fabulous...I adore your work each time it is a surprise and I adore to come back

Sharon said...

Love your little art quilt. I like your daughters work as well, especially the quote.

Terrie said...

Great oranges and it's nice to see your daughter participating too! It's nice to see stitching instead of painting for a change of pace.

NatashaMay said...

What a wonderful piece. Love the journal page, too. Very nice!

Denise said...

Thank you for visiting me and for sharing your lovely poem,were all enjoying it.I love your dyed artwork, it's so pretty and it also looks fun to do.Tell your daughter I love her poem and drawing-so nice.Denise

Julie said...

I love all the wonderful creations from you and your daughter. And the poem is beautiful.

Kindred Spirit said...

I'm loving all of your orange pieces! Your fall leaves are so pretty & I also love the poems that you've for inspiration!

xo Joanna

creatingme said...

Very nice, and I am just loving your daughter's piece, as I am a huge Potter fan! That Dumbledore, so wise!