Saturday, September 8, 2012


I have a couple more spreads done in my art journal.  It has been a busy transitional week here getting everybody used to the school schedule again.

I finished my back to school spread this week.

This is a close up of the next spread before I added writing.
I put a small amount of metallic paint on top.  I love the shimmer, but it is harder to write on.

On this spread I wrote about each day of the work week and I added some intentions for September to the rose. 

Here are all my Lifebook pages so far.  I really need to get caught up, before the end of the year. 

Have a great weekend,

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Sesenarts said...

i love how you are so 'good' at working away at your journals. Those pages must be so inspirational to work from. I notice off to the side here a blog list with Art ADD and how it works for you. I do have a 'touch' of ADD, it runs in the family. And I find if I don't use a little discipline I would be doing a bit of journal pages, a bit of canvas work, a bit of felting, a bit of everything in fact. So at the present moment I am making a point of focusing on my felting and I visit here to experience and enjoy your pages and try not to get inspired enough to start something new! (does that make sense?) x Julie