Monday, November 19, 2012

Winter Fairy

I have been working on a sketch the past couple of days and finally am pretty happy with it.  Now I get to paint it in.
She is drawn on watercolor paper, so I should be able to put all kinds of media on her and make her sparkle.
Have a great week,


joanna said...

Really cute, Janelle! are you going to put glitter on her? :)
I've been in a glitter mode lately, that's why I'm asking. lol

ps. love your fabric journal, it's sooo gorgeous!

Janelle said...

Yes I am planning on putting glitter on her. A winter fairy wouldn't be complete without glitter.

Ella said...

Oh, she is adorable...I can't wait to see her painted! :D

Happy Thanksgiving to you n' yours!

Kristin said...

First of all, your art journal below is absolutely breathtaking! You have such a way with free hand (I think that's what it's called :) sewing!
AND I think your WIP is so sweet - looking forward to the sparkle.
Thank you too for your sweet comment - and for finding me on Etsy - I think I have a LOT to learn!!! xoxoxo

Elizabeth Seaver said...

I can't wait to see what happens next. I'm so glad I found your blog.