Friday, February 22, 2013

29 Faces

I have a lot of new projects, but today I am going to focus on the faces that I haven't shown yet.  I will show off my new journal pages and some other projects soon.  Here are the faces that I have finished since the last ones I showed off. 
This is the doll that I created for my Valentine's Day page. She is created with Neocolor 2 crayons. She has real lace on her dress too. 14

This is an experiment with drawing a boy. He was sketched with graphite pencils. 16

She was sketched with graphite pencils. 17
These little critters were sketched with graphite pencils. 18
This girl was sketched with a charcoal pencil on a book page. I love the look of the words under her. 19

This sun was sketched with a charcoal pencil on a book page. He is a bit goofy. 20

This moon was sketched with a charcoal pencil on a book page. She matches the sun. 21
Have a great weekend.  I will be sewing costumes for the high school musical that my daughter is in this year.


Kristin said...

I love seeing your line up!! So fun, LOVE the book pages as backgrounds and the moon really makes me smile. LOVING your Valentine too, xoxo

JessiVille said...

Hi Janelle! OMG, I have had the hardest time getting your blog to load. So sorry I couldn't leave you a comment sooner! I adore your valentine girlie and sharing all your sketches with us is so awesome! I can't wait to see what you do with the costumes for your daughter's high school play too. Your work last year was so fabulous! You are one talented lady!

Thank you for stopping by my blog after I was gone for so long. You are so sweet!

Jessi xox