Saturday, April 28, 2012

Drawing practice

Today I did a charcoal sketch.  This is practice for a Lifebook lesson that I am behind on.  I'm just learning how to draw with charcoal.  I hope that I get better as I continue to practice.
Have a great weekend.


Kristin said...

Oooh, look at all the shading! Really wonderful! I love her side glance - and yes, so totally behind on LB!!! Eeek, xoxo
(AND thank you too for YOUR sweet comments!)

Daniele Valois said...

Hi Janelle, I am so sorry I haven't been for a visit. I have not been doing well at getting back on comments or checking blogs. and, good for you for still working on LB. I really want to get back into some of it, but I just cannot muster up any extra time. I am having another pull my hair out day with youngling, so survival is key right now.

Great job on all your new creations here!