Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shibori inspired dye piece

I am finally getting around to posting about a piece that I did last week.  I used Japanese Shibori techniques as my inspiration.  Shibori techniques are different ways of folding, stitching, or compressing a length of fabric to create a resist for the dye.  There are many ways that this can be done.   I used pole wrapping as my inspiration.  I wound a length of fabric around a pvc pipe in a diagonal direction.  Then I wrapped the whole thing with string and compressed it by pushing the fabric into itself from both ends as tight as I could get it.  After that I dyed it using fiber reactive dye in sky blue.  I waited for a day and washed it out.  Here are the results.

 I didn't get a perfect pattern, but I'm still pretty happy with my results.
Have a happy week,


Stuffed with Aloha said...

Gorgeous, I love it!

Ella said...

Wow Janelle
This is amazing!
I love what you have created :D

joanna said...

Real pretty, Janelle! I can see you sewing something beautiful with this fabric :)

Kristin said...

Oh wow! Now THAT IS cool! And different, unique and SO pretty! Thank you for sharing that and for your sweet comments! I am going through a bit right now and it is all coming out in the journal - which I was afraid to share at first - thank you for the encouragement to keep it up ;) xoxo