Thursday, May 31, 2012

BOD and a T-shirt design

I had some time to do a bit of art and get some pictures taken.  I worked in my BOD yesterday.  Effy Wild shared a video on Monday that was very inspirational, so I had to try my hand at something similar.  This was about creating depth in art by using a lot of layers.  Here is the link to see what Effy is up to:
Here is my layers page.  I haven't written anything on the side page yet, but I will do some journaling here.
This is mid way through my page.

Here it is finished.  This was taken with indoor lighting.

Here it is with outside lighting.

I also worked on a sketch of my four year old son using a graphite transfer method.  I am going to put this sketch in my journal soon.

This is the original photo that I used.

This is a shirt that I ombre dyed and then used stencils and spray paint to add a design.

That is what I have been up to lately.  Have a good weekend.


Kristin said...

Janelle, this is wonderful! I LOVE that picture of your son (WHAT a cutie!) and look forward to seeing it in a journal page - and wow! loving that shirt too. Thanks for the Effy link, I'll go check it out ;) xo

Becca said...

Nice photo of your son, and great sketch! Love the colors you are using on your projects here!