Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Faces and Doodles

I have not had as much time for art as I would like lately, but I have managed to work on a few things.  I have been busy with preparing for my daughter's graduation from high school and my other daughter's birthday today.  My lovely Katrina is 17 today.  We are having a family party for her today and a party with her friends this weekend.  I have also been busy with all the end of the year school events.  My children have been making me proud of them at their concerts and award ceremonies.
Now back to art.  I haven't gotten very many faces done, but I do have one to share.  My son asked me to draw more boys, so I have been trying to do that.  I don't feel very confident doing boy faces yet, so I used a graphite transfer method to do this first one.  

I added this sketch to my journal.

I also did a spread in my book showcasing my girls. I am going to miss my oldest next year while she is away at college, so I have been trying to get more pictures of her.  Putting pictures of my children in my journal comes very naturally to me since I want to celebrate their lives along with mine and my husband's.

The last thing that I have worked on this week is practice for one of my Lifebook lessons.  This is from a mini lesson on lettering and doodling by the talented artist Jodi Ohl. When I have more time I might do a big piece like this, but for now this is in a small watercolor journal. 

I added watercolors to it after all the doodling and lettering was done. 
Have a great creative week,

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Kristin said...

Beautiful doodling, sketch and girls! HOW wonderful this time must be for you - and I bet sad too. Thank you for sharing it all with us, xoxo!