Friday, March 15, 2013

Sewing with bits of art

I have spent most of the last week sewing skirts for my daughter's musical.  The show starts next Thursday, so I'm done sewing for now.  There are always last minute things to fix or add when you are helping with a big show.  I love working backstage while my daughter is participating onstage.  I did work on a few journal pages during the week.  I have some works in progress to show too. But first I will show the rest of the skirts that I took pictures of, I forgot with one of the skirts.  If you would like to keep up with what I am creating more regularly you can follow my artist page on Facebook: Hands And Harts

This is the fabric for the skirt that I forgot to take a picture 

Background for water spread

I am having fun practicing dolphins

This is the beginning of a background for a Lifebook lesson
Have a wonderful weekend and bring some creativity into whatever you are doing.

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