Thursday, April 11, 2013


 I don't know if you have figured this out yet but, I love texture.  Two kinds of texture are actual and visual.  Actual texture is the way that the piece feels.  Is it rough, soft, smooth, bumpy, etc.  I love to add papers, fabrics, ribbons, lace, wax, beads, and many other textural elements to my pieces to create actual texture.  Layers of fabrics can add a lot of actual texture that invites the viewer to touch the piece.  Visual texture is the pattern that you see.  You don't feel a lot of texture, but you can see it.  Using stencils with paint or sprays is a great way to get visual texture.  Layers of paint and brush strokes also create visual texture.  Most of my art uses both kinds of texture at the same time.    
     I love beautiful things that make me want to touch them.  That is one of the reasons that I love to make art quilts.  They appeal to both the eyes and hands.  My art quilts are meant to be touched and enjoyed, not just looked at. I also love to add texture to my other art as well.  My journal pages often include some kind of textural element.  I add lace, fabric, and drywall tape to my pages along with the texture that you get from using tissue paper, paint, and gel medium.  I don't usually smooth everything out on my pages, because I want to be able to feel the texture.  I try to convey that texture through the photos that I take, but of course it is always easier to see in person.
     I also love making wearable art because you guessed it, texture.  When you have a bracelet or cuff on your arm that begs to be touched, it just lights up your whole day.  Being able to see and touch a beautiful piece can help your whole day improve.
      I want to appeal to all you art lovers out there that also love texture.  I love to make art that you can enjoy visually and texturally.  I love to satisfy the craving to touch art, not just stand behind a barrier and look.  Here are some bits and pieces of my favorite textured art that I have made over the last several years.  All of these pieces have actual texture.   Some of these pieces have soft texture and some of them have rough texture, but in all of them the texture adds to the feeling of the piece.          
   Here are some bits and pieces that have visual texture that is stronger than the actual texture.
I have several tutorials available that have actual textural elements.  You can find the tutorials on this page.  I am also available to answer questions about my use of texture. 
I hope that this helps you understand my work and the ways that you too can use texture.

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