Friday, November 15, 2013

Memory Box

I have a new nephew and he is also my Godson.  Therefore I wanted to make a special present for his parents to use as he grows up.  I decided to decorate a wooden box for them to keep memories and keepsakes in for him.  I used a pallet of brown and blue for this box.
I got a plain wooden box and started gluing papers to it.  I put a layer of matte gel medium by Liquitex onto the box and added scraps of my painted papers.  I went over the top of the papers with the gel medium as well.  I made sure that there were no bubbles and that the papers were stuck down all the way.  I used mono-prints on deli paper and computer paper.  I also used bits of the different papers that I used for cleaning off my stencils.  I like to spray inks through stencils and then flip them onto a piece of paper to clean off the excess spray.  I use these papers for collage later, so I have a large collection of all kinds of papers that are painted.  I keep layering images onto the same piece of paper until I get some interesting papers.  For this project I selected thin papers so that they would be flexible and go over the curves of the box easily.  I covered the majority of the space inside and outside the box.  The only surface that I didn't decorate was the bottom of the box.

I decorated the inside of the box and then the outside so that everything would dry well and nothing would stick.  After all the surfaces were dry I added Metamica paints in Chestnut and Moonlight to the open areas.  I scrubbed the paint out so that I didn't have a lot of harsh lines and everything was blended together.

After all the paint was dry, I used Tam's Whimsy Hearts and Stars stencil to decorate the sides and back of the box with black paint.  For the top of the box I used Tam's Inspiration stencils to add the words "you are loved" in black paint.  On the front of the box I stamped his name in black paint.

When the paint was dry I sketched around the shapes and words with a white Gelly Roll pen.  I added lines inside of everything with a clear star Gelly Roll pen.
I let the box set for a couple of days to make sure that the paint was completely cured and then I sealed the whole box in stages.  I used gloss medium and varnish by Liquitex to seal it.

The box shimmers and shines and will be a great place to store all of those baby milestones and memories when his parents are too busy to fill out the baby book.
I hope that you can find interesting ways to use all of your extra painted papers that mixed media artists seem to collect.
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