Friday, February 14, 2014

Drippy Dylusions


    I have been inspired to play with Dylusions Ink Sprays this week.  I am taking Lifebook this year and Tam has us creating fun pages using Dylusions. I wanted to play with them on a canvas.  I love the bright clear colors and all the effects that you can create with these sprays.  I wanted to leave some white space, achieve some great drips and build up the color.  I hope that you enjoy how my canvas developed.


    §  Dylusions Ink Sprays in: London Blue, Fresh Lime, Vibrant Turquoise, and Cut Grass

    §  Stencils: TEXTures 2 Miro and PicassoStar Coral and Sea Foam

    §  FW acrylic inks in: Genesis Green, Galatic Blue, Waterfall Green, and Turquoise

    §  Golden fluid acrylic paint in: Teal, Ultramarine Blue, and White

    §  Pitt pens in Blue and Turquoise 

    §  12" x 12" canvas

    I started by laying the two TEXTures stencils on my canvas and spraying the ink sprays through them.  Then I flipped them over into the blank areas and blotted the back with a paper towel to get the excess ink off the stencils and onto the canvas. I let this dry, as I will after each step, so that I have more control of the inks.
    I made a couple of puddles of Dylusions in the middle of the canvas with London Blue and Cut Grass.  I added some water and I splattered the ink around with the brush.  I also tapped the brush to move the ink onto the canvas.  You want to get a bit messy and get the ink to move over the canvas.  Next I tipped the canvas so that the ink ran down to the edge.  While the ink was still wet I added drops of the acrylic inks to the wet puddles.  I tipped the canvas again to get these to run to the edge also.  I did a bit of blending to get the ink to blend a bit in the middle.
    After this was dry I took out the star coral stencil and sprayed more Dylusions into the two corners.  I off-set the stencil so that it wasn't directly over the previous layer. I flipped it like last time to get off some of the excess ink.  I made sure to leave the upper corner untouched so that I could have some white space.
    I repeated this same process with the sea foam stencil.  I used a damp brush to blend the inks around my focal point and in some other areas.  I decided at this point the my painting wanted to become a jellyfish in the water.
    I added more acrylic inks and water to the jellyfish and let it drip more.  I wanted this little guy to have a lot of tentacles.  I blended the inks in the body of the jellyfish more as well.
    I used the stencils again with some fluid acrylics to add back some of the patterns that got covered when I sprayed through the sea foam stencil.  After I was done I blended out the edges of each area so that there wasn't such a harsh line.  I used the teal paint to cover the edges and the sides of the canvas.
    I love how the drips went onto the sides of the canvas to continue the painting.
    I used my Pitt pens to define the jellyfish and its tentacles.  I also added a few water droplets to the top corner of the canvas.
    I love how this canvas developed.  I seem to be drawn to these water stencils and colors right now, maybe because everything is still white and frozen where I live.  The only thing that I would like to try now is using these same methods on an unprimed canvas.  The canvas that I used had gesso already and the Dylusions tended to bead up instead of sinking into the canvas.  I think that the colors would have been a bit more vibrant on an unprimed canvas.  I hope that you have some fun playing with Dylusions and seeing firsthand how fun they are to use.
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