Thursday, August 28, 2014

Journal Pages

I has been a while since I shared any of my journal pages from Lifebook.  I have been so busy with my family home from school for the summer that I haven't been doing all of my lessons, but I have done a few.  I love Lifebook and don't like it when life gets in the way of my creative time.  I'll have to work on that and make more time for creative journaling.

This page has a lot of layers of papers and paint.  It is very mixed media. I used symbols of my faith with a reminder for myself. Creating meaning on the page is an important part of art journaling. 
I traced some of my random art onto tracing paper and glued it down to make this layered page.  The background is old papers with a layer of Neocolor crayon.  I finished this page right after Robin Williams passed away which influenced my words.  
I wanted to remind myself to be firmly grounded, but allow myself some freedom of movement too. And I want to fill the forest of my life with love instead of doubt and negativity.
I carved this stamp to add to the page.  I love making my own unique stamps too add to my artwork. 
This is a smash book that I made for a recent lesson by Catt Geller.  I photocopied my art work and combined the images to decorate the cover.  I also glued every two pages together to make them a bit stronger and crumpled them to add texture.  The edges are painted too.  I love turning composition books into journals and smash books.  

I hope that you enjoyed this peak into the meaning behind my journal pages and a bit of my process. Have a great weekend.Janelle

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