Thursday, October 16, 2014

Journal Love

I have a couple of journal pages to share today.  I love to make fun and meaningful pages in my journal whenever I'm able to.

I use my journal to record times that I want to remember, to de-stress and work through the rough times in life, to play and experiment, to work out an idea for a larger piece of art, and to practice techniques.

In my journal I don't have to worry about being a perfect artist or making something beautiful.  I can let loose my creative side and have fun.  If you have never practiced visual journaling, I suggest that you give it a try.  You don't have to share your pages with anyone else, they can be just for you.  So go for it!

These two pages were both from Lifebook lessons.  The flowers are done very loosely with fingers, scratching into the paint, scribbles, and splatters.  I found this process to be very therapeutic and fun. I plan to make more of these in a similar style.  
I had fun making this page that features a photo of my Grandmother. I used some tags from tea and fabric. My Grandmother loved tea and she loved to sew as well. I too drink a lot of tea and as you know I sew too. A lot of memories came out while working on this one.  I love honoring my Grandma's memory through art.  
I hope that you have time to do something that relaxes you this week.

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