Thursday, October 9, 2014

To You With Love

I have been working on a new piece the last couple of weeks.  It isn't finished yet, but I thought that I would share my progress so far.

I'm creating a book that is made from all different kinds of fibers.  It has a lot of layers from: new fabric, recycled garments, recycled linens, burlap, dyed cheesecloth, lace, ribbon, vintage doilies, color catcher sheets, and recycled sari silk ribbon made from silk waste.

I am exploring my loves in this book.  I studied French in high school and college and have always wanted to visit France.  I also adore flowers of all kinds, real and imagined, so I added them.  Butterflies are perfect for this floaty feminine love book. They symbolize change, beauty and growth to me.  They change the old into new beauty which I'm hoping to achieve here.  

I wanted a book that was soft and feminine and used materials that might be thrown away along with a few new fabrics.  I love the fabrics that look like mixed media artwork.  I picked up some of these fabrics in May at my quilt guild's show.  I have also been collecting vintage linens and doilies along with some garments that are too stained or worn to be used as garments any longer.  All of these though are perfect for this project.

I decided from the beginning that I wanted a limited color pallet of cream, white, browns, pinks, and peaches.  While I love bright colors, I also love the aged vintage look.

I hope that you enjoy seeing the book so far.  Next I plan to add some stitched designs and then sew the pages together into a book.

I will share the next stages with you as I finish them.
For now go through your day and night with love and grace.

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