Saturday, March 21, 2015

Coloring Like a Kid

This week the art quilting group that I participate in, tried another technique.  We got to color like kids with crayons.  It was a fun technique to play around with.  Instead of coloring on paper we colored on cotton fabric.  We used wax crayons and colored pencils.  I drew free-hand on my square of fabric with a graphite pencil.  I did look at some drawings of flowers for inspiration.  Inspiration is a wonderful thing.   

After I drew the design, I colored it in with crayons and a bit of colored pencil. I used a hot iron and paper towels to melt and remove most of the wax while leaving the color behind.  I found quite a few tutorials about the process on-line if you are interested in trying it yourself. 

Now for the pictures. 

Next time I use this method I would make sure some things worked better.  I ironed freezer paper onto the back of the fabric for stability, but it had some bubbles in it.  The bubbles created some lines while I colored that I wasn't too happy with, but it is fine for a first try.  I also want to keep improving my whimsy faces, so that they look even better.  Practice, practice, practice I must do.  If you see a lot of faces here, you will know why.  

I want to turn this girl into a small quilt.  I have the perfect fabric picked out for the edges, from my snow dyed stash. Hopefully I will have her done by the end of the month.

Have a wonderful weekend,

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