Monday, October 3, 2011

Renaissance Festival

I am finally done sewing for the Renaissance Festival.  My family and a few friends went last Saturday so I thought that I would share some pictures.  I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted because it was much cooler than we hoped for and we were more bundled up than usual.

I made this top and skirt, which looked lovely with the leather vest.

I made this tunic top for my oldest boy this year.  Next year I will have to make other pieces to fit him.

I made this knight garb many years ago for my oldest daughter.  I modified it a little so it would fit.

 Here is my daughter and some of her friends.  I made the purple dress and the royal blue and gold dress.

Here are a few sights from around the festival.  We always enjoy our day walking around seeing shows, shopping, and enjoying a small piece of the past. 


RnR's KYDS said...

Looks like they turned out cute. Glad you got to go. :-)

Cia of Briarwood Studio said...

These are great pictures, Janelle! Looks like everyone had fun.