Thursday, October 20, 2011

Studio Work

I have been working on my wet studio and my sewing room through Whimsical Workspaces.

I wanted to share some of the progress that I have been making.
My inspiration area in my sewing room before organizing.
My inspiration area after organizing.
My sewing books before organizing.

My fabric cupboard before organizing.

My books and fabrics after organizing.
My ribbon jar before organizing.

My ribbons after they are separated by color.
My jars after sorting everything.

My desk in my wet studio area before cleaning.
My desk after cleaning.
My paints, dyes, and tools after organizing.
 I have only been sorting and organizing using things that I already had.  I haven't bought anything new.

This is the stack of art/quilting reading that I have been doing lately. 
Happy Creating,

1 comment:

creatingme said...

Oh your room looks great! You have so much stuff!!! I love your wet room curtain!

I do similar things to crayons except I put them in hear molds and make heart shaped crayons. I like this though. I see sparkle too.

And I am loving those monoprints!

Thank you so much for commenting on my blog so much. Mothering is a journey. so hard, and so amazing.

Have a good weekend!