Tuesday, November 15, 2011

ATCs and Mandalas

I have been practicing free motion satin stitching lately because I am using that technique on my mono-print quilt.  I made three ATCs.  I had various degrees of success on these little cards, but I have been working on my quilt too.  The larger format of the quilt is easier to work with and has been turning out quite nicely.  I will share pictures when I get more done.  I volunteered to hem dresses for my daughter's high school choirs, so that has to be my first sewing priority.  I am also taking a free Mandala class on willowing.com, so I have been practicing drawing mandalas a bit yesterday.  

These are my first two Mandalas drawn from a template.  I haven't colored in the second one yet.  


Cia of Briarwood Studio said...

Love the little ATC's, Janelle!

I haven't started on my mandala's yet, but I'm excited about the free course. I've always loved mandalas. Love what you did on your first one.


RnR's KYDS said...

I really like your gloves, they would be perfect for typing too. I also love your new ATC's, especially the first one.

Kristin said...

How fun! This is really cool too - and I love the Music piece - so elegant and sweet!
Have a great week, xoxo

Kristin said...

Thank you! I thought it was so cute to see what she choose to put on her bed - I bet the boys would have some interesting stuff too - funny what kids gravitate towards ;) Have a great night, xoxo

Ella said...

The music one is my fav, but they all are fab~

I'm playing with crochet; your gloves are great! ;D

jhopes70 said...

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