Wednesday, November 30, 2011


It is a winter wonderland here today.  I sent my daughter out to take some pictures and I thought that  would share a few.  My kids are all home from school because of the snow and ice.  The country roads don't get plowed here unless we get a lot of snow, which makes it tough for the buses to pick up kids.

Now I am off to crochet and hem choir dresses.   One and a half  weeks to get these dresses done, a few choir moms and many many dresses.  I will be going a bit crazy now.
Have fun,


Kristin said...

GASP! These photos take my breath away! I love the light coming through the branches and the mountains of snow look angelic (that could also be because we live in the desert and NEVER have snow, boo ;) - thank you for sharing your white Christmas with us!
Oh, and yes, do check out Joanna's site if you can - I am really loving my new mug (using it daily!) xoxo

Joanna said...

Oh my goodness!!! Look at all that pretty though :) I love the last shot of you looking up at the sky through the snowy branches :)

Good luck with the dresses!


JessiVille said...

Oh wow Janelle! It may be inconvenient but what a spectacular winter show! It's so christmasy. I played Santa today and everyone got their houses decorated this last week. It's time to start playing the christmas music! Hope your choir dresses turn out well - a lot of work indeed!

Janelle said...

I enjoy the beauty of the snow, just not the dangerous driving. I love the pristine landscape before the kids go out and play. It would be wonderful to enjoy the beauty without having the hassle of the snow, but I still don't think that I would ever enjoy living somewhere that we got no snow at all. I choose to go to college in Alaska, so that tells you that I really do enjoy the winter.
I will decorate for Christmas soon after I get all of the dresses hemmed and some other projects done that need finished right away. I also have two kids with birthdays in the next two weeks. I guess that being a mother often means too much to do and never enough time.