Monday, August 13, 2012

Nature sun prints

The kids and I did a bit of sun printing this summer using leaves from our yard.  I used transparent fabric paint that was watered down and sprayed squares of cotton fabric with water til they were damp and sticking to my plastic table.  We then painted the cotton with the paint and laid down the leaves and pressed them down so that they stuck to the fabric.  Then we let it dry in the sun and as the fabric dries it leaves the print of whatever you put on top of the fabric.  We will have to explore this technique a lot more.   It is fun, quick, and easy for the kids to do.



Sesenarts said...

They are fantastic Janelle. Did you use special acrylic (there is some stuff out there that you use to do this printing) or normal fabric acrylic paint? Julie

Janelle said...

Thanks, I used PROFAB transparent textile paints because that it what I had and they worked really well. You have to use the transparent though, opaque won't work for this technique.

Becca said...

This is beautiful! I'd love to try it!