Monday, July 22, 2013

Journal Page with Plaster

I was inspired by Donna Downey when I made this spread.  I first collaged the page with some black and white images and bits from a phone book page.  After the collage was dry I spread patching plaster roughly over the page making sure that some of the collage still showed through.  When that was completely dry I sealed it in with gel medium and let that dry.  Next I made a glaze from glazing medium and a blue paint and covered the surface leaving in on for about a minute.  I used baby wipes to wipe it off so that it was just stuck in all the cracks and crevices.  I let that layer dry and then I painted on my roads and glued on the tag that I had written some of the Robert Frost poem and let it dry.  I filled in around the road and tag using a couple of different colors of green chalk pastels.  I rubbed them in and blended with my fingers.  After everything was dry and looked the way that I wanted it to look I fixed the pastels with a fixative and let it dry.  I added my own words at the end.  I hope that you enjoy this journal page and the poem.    
Have a great week,

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