Friday, September 5, 2014

Empryreal Weald

Empryreal Weald is the name that my lovely sister suggested for my new piece of felted art.  
This name means a heavily wooded area or a wild uncultivated place that belongs to or is derived from heaven.  So this is aHeavenly Wild Forest.  I feel a sense of mystery and wildness when I look at this piece of art.  When it is viewed in person you can see the layers and depth and hidden areas in the felt.  It has a lot of sparkle too.  This is a piece that invites you to go and lose yourself for a time in the wilds of the deep forest.

This felt was needle felted, then wet felted, then needle felted a bit more.  It has wool, silk, and Angelina fibers.  I added hand stitched details and then hand stitched it to a canvas that I painted just for this piece.  The felt is about 9" x 9" sewed to a canvas that is 14" x 11".  It is for sale for $144.00.  
This painting is called meadow flowers.  It is 8" x 8".  I used a splatter technique and then went back in and added details.  It is for sale for $80.00. 
I made these bookmarks/tags by adding layers of gelli mono-prints to the cards.  These are a lot of fun to make.  They are finished with silk sari strips that were reclaimed waste from a factory.  The strips are beautiful and I love using something that would have otherwise been thrown away.  Plus providing jobs for women in these low job areas feels great too.  These are $2.00 each.

All of these will be added to my website early next week.  In the meantime preparing to sell at the Grass Lake Harvest Festival is taking all my time.  I'll be back next week to tell you more.  Have a great weekend,

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