Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hot Glue Stencils

I read Traci Bautista's book PrintMaking Unleashed this summer.  I would recommend this book, it is full of fun ideas for making your art uniquely your's using all kinds of printmaking methods.  One of the techniques she talks about in the book is making stencils out of hot glue.  I had been wanting to try this technique out since I heard about it, but I had lost my glue gun. Last week I found my glue gun and started playing around making stencils.  I make as many can fit onto my nonstick heat proof sheet at a time and then let them cool.  I tried them out with paint and with ink sprays.  The two different mediums create different looks.  I'm planning on making more of these and trying them out in different ways.  I'll show you my results so far, though.
Here are the stencils that I made last week.

 Here are the stenciled patterns using paint.

 Here are the stenciled patterns using ink sprays.

You get different looks depending on whether you use paint or sprays and what tool you use to apply the paint.  
This is a fun technique that is quick and easy.  I can think of many ways which I would like to use these stencils.  

Have you ever made hot glue stencils?  If you have I would love it if you would share your results with me. 

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