Thursday, April 9, 2015

The benefits of happy

Hello Everyone,
It is finally starting to get warm here and feel a bit more springlike.  The warmth makes me happy, that and my hubby has been home for his spring break this week.  Spending a week together while the kids are at school most of the time is always nice.  Being a teacher he doesn't get to choose when his vacations are, but at least he has enforced breaks.  Life has been feeling good lately.  I'm trying to dwell on the happy instead of the rough things that we face.  I don't ignore the bad parts, but I'm trying not to worry and just take each day and really see the good parts. 

I hope that you too can focus on all the good that comes your way and be happy.  Sometimes that isn't easy, but I think that we benefit so many ways when we don't dwell on the negative all the time.

I have been working on some more journal pages lately.  I think that they show that my mood has been pretty good.  I love using colors and subjects that make me happy.  These are all from Lifebook lessons, so I didn't choose the concept.  I did choose colors and themes that have meaning to me though.  I love taking a lesson and personalizing it.  

I gave my happy puppy a nice bright background.  I mixed browns, greens, and gold for the ground. Most of the background was finger painted.  I still love the feel of finger painting like I did when I was a kid.

This one is all about my inner and outer world.  I made a collage that had meaning to me and I used a face that I had painted previously.  I made a color copy of a painting.  I think that if I would have used a bigger face it would have been easier to paint over it.  Next time I will do that. 

This is my favorite lesson.  It was interesting using more black and white and a less shaded face.  I also love the pops of bright color.  This one was just fun to do.  I still want to work on the 3/4 face, so that I can draw them better.  I feel that I am making progress on my faces. 

How does your mood affect your creativity?  

I hope that you can have a great weekend and be happy.

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