Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dyeing Fabric

I hope that you all are not sick of my fabric dyeing experiments and pictures yet, because I have some more.
I painted this one with dye instead of squirting it on. 

Snow dyed cheesecloth.
 I was told by a family friend that if I did some dyeing in browns she would bye a scarf from me, so I made some hand dyed cotton scarfs.  They are just plain right now, but I have plans to do some printing on a few of them to jazz them up a bit.  I am thinking of adding some gold and darker browns and who knows what else.  I have a whole collection of mark making tools to make some interesting layered designs.  Surface design is one of my favorite things to do on fabric and on paper.  Back to the scarfs and the experiment.  I used the same dye batches on both of these two pieces.  The one on the left was dyed using a regular low water dye method and the one on the right was snow dyed.  The colors on the snow dyed piece came out much softer and more subdued (because of the extreme cold I think), but with more gentle patterning.  The regular method produces more intense color and great patterning too, but has a different look.  If I dye during the summer with warmer temperatures the colors are even more intense than when I dye in the winter in a cold basement.  I like both of these looks for different reasons.  
The rest is just eye candy so enjoy.   

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Kristin said...

Oh my goodness! THEY are gorgeous! Those colors! Your first photo made me gasp ;). So pretty. Have a great weekend, xo