Monday, April 14, 2014


    I created this canvas for the mixed media art class that I am taking called Lifebook. This lesson was by Finnabair. I love creating pieces with a lot of texture, so I really got into making this piece.  I wanted to celebrate the connections between my mom, my sister, and me.
    I started by gluing down a picture of my mom when she was younger, and all kinds of bits and pieces.  I used lace, beads, buttons, watch parts, paper and fabric flowers, pieces of broken jewelry, and other odd bits. 
    After it was dry, I put a couple thin layers of gesso over everything.
    I added some sprays and paint.
    I added the heart with the picture of my sister and I to the middle.  I painted over the outside area with more gesso to knock back the color a bit.   
    I love how all the layers of gesso and paint really highlight the texture. This piece is really special to me.  I hope that you too can find art that touches your heart.

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