Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Making Painted Papers

I had fun making painted papers last week.  I was working on aLifebook lesson by Traci Bautista. I enjoy painting this way and making a lot of painted papers.  I like to paint large papers and then cut them up to use different ways. These can be used to make greeting cards, journaling cards, postcards, tags, book covers, or anything else other uses you can find for painted papers.  I used cold press watercolor paper for the large sheet and mixed media paper for the two pages I made in my journal.  I used stamps and stencils on these pages, both bought and handmade. I painted symbols on all of them that I tend to use over and over again.  Hearts, flowers, and swirls tend to come up when I'm painting just to have fun and make pretty papers.  All of these papers have many layers.  The cold pressed paper is rougher than the mixed media paper that I use, so it can be harder to paint smooth lines.  Both work well however and are thick and strong enough to use for the tags and cards I listed.  It is fun to paint just to make these papers without worrying about composition or having a perfect focal image.  You should go and try this sometime.  It is a great way to have fun and relive some stress.   
This page is cold pressed watercolor paper that is 11" x 15".
This page is on mixed media paper in my 9" x 12" journal.
This page is on mixed media paper in my 9" x 12" journal. It is made from me cleaning off the stamps and stencils and using extra paint up from the other two pages.
Have a great week and if you make any painted papers, or other art please share with me.  I love to see other creative projects.

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Sesenarts said...

Hi Janelle and thanks for dropping by my blog.
I love these papers! They are so full of fun and movement. I feel that you were in a happy place when you made them. :-) lots of possibilities for usage there! X julie