Friday, April 4, 2014

Continuing "Windows Into Another World"

I have continued working on my painting this week and have made some progress.  I like to add and subtract elements in my painting until it feels complete.  It is an intuitive process for the most part, but sometimes I get stuck and have to put it aside.  I let it rest and think and feel where I want to go next.  I also ask for help from friends when I get really stuck; or I feel like I need to make major changes, but I'm unsure.  I don't have the creative process down so well that everything turns out just the way I wanted it to turn out.  I make mistakes and get lost along the way and need help to continue.  That is why it is a wonderful thing to have other creative people to lean on and to learn from.  We are not alone.  These photos will show you where this painting has gone since I last shared.  Soon I'll show you even more layers and my continuing progress. 
I love this stage of the painting. I may offer this as a print in the future.
I like adding the elements in white before I paint them in color.
I added a glaze using pink grapefruit silk acrylic paint over the windows.
This was feeling a bit too cluttered for me. Next time I'll show you how I changed it.
What do you do when you are stuck on a creative project?  I would love to hear about your process and about projects that you have in the works.

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