Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Finishing "Windows Into Another World"

I did make some changes to my painting since I showed it off last.  I was't happy with the cluttered look, so I painted over some of the houses and trees.  That way there is some open space to rest your eyes.  I also added in some vines.  I love how old buildings look covered in vines and I wanted my little world to have that natural wild look.  I love little villages where green space is at a premium instead of having a building everywhere you look. That is why I made my world into a a little wild village instead of a neat and orderly, if whimsical town.  My little wild village is still whimsical, but now not so full.  I also named this painting because of the windows in the background where you can get a gimps of my inner world.  I hope that you enjoy this painting and my process and can understand my art a touch more.
Thank you for reading and let me know what kind of paintings you like.

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