Thursday, March 27, 2014

How To Create Windows Into Another World

I watched a video of Donna Downey painting an abstract painting and was inspired to do the same.  I'm not trying to copy her painting, just the general feeling of windows peeking into another world.  I am drawn to this style of painting and love to create my own abstracts.
I started with paint swirling in water on my canvas and let that dry for my first layer.  I didn't water down all the paint and let some intense areas remain on the canvas. (Someday I want to try the Golden high flow acrylics for this kind of painting.)
After the first layer was dry I added another layer using fluid acrylic paint, acrylic spray paint through a stencil, watered down acrylic paint in a thin tipped bottle, and Sharpie paint markers.
I want to add layers upon layers until I have a complex and interesting background.  I have already added another layer, but I will have to share that later after the paint dries.

Keep checking back to see the progress of this painting.  Feel free to comment and tell me what you like about it.  What is your favorite style of painting?
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