Friday, July 4, 2014

Summer of Color-4

This week the colors for SOC are pink, apple green, and a splash of dark green.  
I happened to already have a couple of pink pieces of fabric to choose from and a large selection of greens.   I love having different greens in my fabric stash, they always come in handy. We had a big storm this week that knocked out our power for a day.  A lot of people in the area lost power for even longer.  So I'm glad that I didn't have to dye fabric this week.  I have to have water for that and no power means I have no water.  It wasn't that bad though, just inconvenient.  That is part of summer time in Michigan anyway.
So onto the art now.......  I recently got a new dye called Granny Apple, so I had to use that dye for this week. 
I decided that this color scheme was perfect for a little dragonfly and a grassy hill.  I used Pellon 805 to fuse all the fabrics down to each other and to the batting.  Then I free motion stitched the grass for texture and to make sure that none of those little pieces came up. I used a variegated perle cotton thread to outline the dragon fly with hand stitches.   
When I put the whole quilt together into a nature themed art quilt, it will all come together and be quite lovely.  I am really enjoying the colors this year and seeing all the creative projects that the other artists are making.  If you would like to check them out click here.

Until next week,

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