Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Everyday Enchantment- Day One

Jani Franck is hosting a mini e-course this week as a taster for her class that starts in June.  This class is all about reawakening your natural creativity and bringing a little enchantment to your everyday world.  Jani's classes are wonderful for finding your creative dream and bringing it to life.  I am part of her Forge business mentoring program.  I have learned so much and have grown through this program.  I would recommend her classes to anyone who wants to grow creatively.  
Day One of the five days of Enchantment is keeping yourself grounded while you create so you don't get lost in your head. You are supposed to pick a pebble from somewhere that has meaning to you and keep it around your work space.

Last summer I went with my family to Lake Michigan.  We collected rocks while we were there and I have saved them and decorated a few.  I keep these near my work space so that I can look at them and remember that day with my family.  These rocks keep me connected to a place that is important and holds happy memories.    
I was also supposed to walk barefoot outside.  Since we are having such a rainy couple of days, I'm going to wait to do that when it is a bit drier outside.  The last exercise for day one is to write twenty earthy words.   
I hope that you enjoyed day one and will come back and see more here.  Please join in on the fun too.

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