Thursday, May 22, 2014

Everyday Enchantments- Day Four

I am enjoying these daily prompts to bring myself back in touch with my innate creativity.  Jani has some lovely easy ways to bring out creativity.  If you would like to check out the videos that go along with this series go here.

Day four is all about water and the first exercise is to drink a glass of water while thinking about where you are right now. Forget about what comes next or all of your worries, just feel this moment in time.
I am thankful that I have clean drinking water available in my home.  It is very refreshing and nourishing to hydrate my body.  I love the feeling of relief that comes from drinking water after being very thirsty.  However I should remember to drink water more often so that I am not dehydrating myself.
Jani also talked about using a shower to wash away mental tension, stress, and clutter.  A shower gets me ready and charged up for the day to come.  Often it is the time when I am just simply trying to wake up and get ready to face the day.  You can visualize through words, images, or actions to get rid of anything negative that is holding you back.

I love looking at water as much as I love looking at fire.  I really enjoy sitting by a lake and just watching to movement of the water.  It is calming and relaxing for me.  Someday I would love to live near a body of water instead of just having rain to look at.
Lake Michigan near Sleeping Bear Dunes.
A local Michigan lake
I hope that you play along and join in on Jani's class next month too.

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