Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Everyday Enchantments- Day Three

I am enjoying these daily prompts to bring myself back in touch with my innate creativity.  Jani has some lovely easy ways to bring out creativity.  If you would like to check out the videos that go along with this series go here.

Day three is all about connecting to the fire in your life. Again there are three exercises to try.

One: Rub your hands together to generate heat and place them on your chest.  Living in a northern climate I often do this just to get some warmth in my hands.  Even sometimes in the summer it can be cool at night. This is a nice way to activate your body heat and to connect to the inner fire.

Two: Light a candle or if you are able a campfire outside.  One of my favorite summer activities is to sit by the campfire and watch the flames.  (Marshmallows are a nice touch too of course. )  I can watch the flames for a long time and not get bored.  I like to light candles inside too. With small children around, I usually only light them during power outages these days.

Three: Make a doodle without looking at the paper of fire.  I did that from my imagination today, but hopefully I can have a real fire sometime this month.  I will doodle the flames then.   
I hope that you play along and join in on Jani's class next month too.

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