Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Everyday Enchantment- Day Two

I am still enjoying these daily prompts to bring myself back in touch with my innate creativity.  Jani has some lovely easy ways to bring out creativity.  If you would like to check out the videos that go along with this series go here.

Day Two is all about air and there are three exercises to try.

One: Light incense or open a window to freshen the air in your space.  I don't have any incense, but I do like to light fragrant candles to freshen the air.  At this time of the year when the air is a nice temperature I like to leave the windows open as much as possible. Yesterday I did have my windows open and got to freshen up the living space.

Two: Take a wind bath outside.  I have been outside the past several days in the wind quite a lot.  I have had the feeling of the wind blowing around and whipping my hair and clothing.  If you talk to my family they will tell you that this is not a feeling that I enjoy very much.  I don't like it when my long hair blows around my face so that I can't see and gets tangled up.  I do like a gentle breeze on my body when I am hot, but I hate having air blow on my face.  I will have to look at this a different way the next time I'm out in the wind and let it refresh me instead of annoying me.

Three: Taking three deep breaths and thinking or letting out the negative and taking in the positive.  This is such an important process and can even reset our brain chemistry in a physiological way.  Deep belly breathing is something that was taught at my son's Asperger's group to help the kids and parents with anxiety and negative spiraling.  For Jani's exercise I thought about breathing in love, abundance, and freedom and breathing out anger, confinement, and drudgery.

Here are some pictures from outside my windows through the seasons.  I like to bring the outside in through my windows. 
You can sign up for the entire class that starts in June here:
Enjoy bringing some cleansing breath into your life.

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